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Closing Out Financial Literacy Month 2023

As this month comes to a close, it’s important to remember that financial education is a year-round process. In fact, learning about personal finance is essential to ensure long-term financial

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10 Tips to Celebrate Financial Literacy Month and #MSWIWeek

April is Financial Literacy Month, a time to focus on the importance of financial education and the role it plays in creating a more financially secure future for individuals and

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#MSWIWeek: 529 Savings Plans: What They Are & What to Teach Kids

Saving for higher education and career training can be a daunting task, but a 529 savings plan can help make it easier. This education savings account that allows you to

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#MSWIWeek: The Importance of Retirement Plans and 5 Things You Can Do to Learn More

Retirement plans are important tools for ensuring financial security during retirement years. Even small contributions to a retirement plan can add up over time and make a significant difference. Additionally,

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#MSWIWeek: Where to Find Resources on Debt Relief

If you’re struggling with debt and unsure where to turn, know that there are resources available to help you get back on track. At Bank On Greater Milwaukee, we encourage

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#MSWIWeek: About Certified Accounts 

Certified accounts are financial products that are designed to help consumers access safe and affordable banking products and services. They meet certain standards for safety, affordability, and transparency and can

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2023 Your Smart Money Resource Guides – FREE Download

Haga clic aquí para ver esto en español Every year, Bank On Greater Milwaukee updates and publishes this Resource Guide for Milwaukee-area residents and service providers, and distributes it throughout

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2023 Guías de recursos de tu dinero inteligente – Descarga GRATIS

Cada año, Bank On Greater Milwaukee actualiza y publica esta Guía de recursos para los residentes y proveedores de servicios del área de Milwaukee, y la distribuye a toda la

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Bank On Advocacy Map: Tool to Fight Inequity

In 2022, Bank On Greater Milwaukee launched the Advocacy Map to advocate for banking expansion and to improve access to banking in the City of Milwaukee. The Advocacy Map is

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FDIC’s new Money Smart games: A resource for Banks & Educators

The summer heat may be here, but back to school is just around the corner. Bank On Greater Milwaukee wants to highlight a new financial literacy resource for banks, parents,

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#ShowMeTheMoney: ABLE Accounts for People with Disabilities

ABLE Accounts are tax-advantaged savings accounts for individuals with disabilities and their families. The ABLE Act limits eligibility to individuals with disabilities with an age of onset of disability before

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Financial Literacy Month Book Read | April 2021

Every April organizations across the county celebrate National Financial Literacy Month by hosting events and offering opportunities that help individuals and families establish and maintain healthy financial habits. Bank On Greater Milwaukee is

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#ShowMeTheMoney: Credit Basics & Resources

Credit is money that you borrow and pay back over time with interest.Your credit history is a record of what you have borrowed and how you have repaid it. Paying

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#ShowMeTheMoney: Mortgage Rescue Scams

Did you know that state and federal laws prohibit people from charging you up-front for help with foreclosure prevention, or with lowering your interest rate? Collecting your money first, before help is

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Get your federal tax refund faster with direct deposit

As taxpayers prepare for the start of the 2021 filing season, the best way to get a refund is to combine electronic filing with direct deposit. It’s fast, secure and easy. If you

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#ShowMeTheMoney: Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) Program

The IRS’s Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program offers free basic tax return preparation to income qualified individuals. If you would like help with preparing income taxes, contact one of

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#ShowMeTheMoney: Achieve Products with Bank Five Nine

Achieve Checking Account Bank Five Nine’s Achieve Account is a unique paperless product for customers looking to either establish themselves financially, or who are in need of a second chance.

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Safe Financial Measures to Take During COVID-19

Below are the top ways to keep your money safe if you have been financially affected by COVID-19. Get In Control of Your Bills Apply for Benefits Protect Your Money

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Bank On Certified Accounts Offer Safe Place to Deposit & Manage Your Money

Bank On Greater Milwaukee is encouraging Milwaukee-area residents to open a Bank On certified account to have a safe place to deposit economic impact payments, unemployment incomes and tax refunds.

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Bank On National Account Standards

The CFE Fund’s Bank ON National Account Standards provide local programs with a benchmark for account partnerships with financial institutions, and include both core and recommended features.

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Bank On Announces the 2022 Champions!

Bank On Greater Milwaukee is proud to congratulate the winners of the 2022 Bank On Champion Awards for their accomplishments to support safe and accessible banking. Bank On Greater Milwaukee

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BOGM Celebrates 2-Years & 2021 Coalition Champions

MILWAUKEE, WI – Bank On Greater Milwaukee (BOGM) celebrated their two-year anniversary with a virtual awards ceremony that recognized six local entities for their efforts to improve the overall financial health

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Bank On Certified Account Holders Keep More of Their Child Tax Credit Funds

Fees from check-cashing services siphoned off $66 million from the first round of stimulus money Americans received last year to help weather the financial upheaval caused by the global pandemic. Most Americans got $1,200

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Bank On Greater Milwaukee Welcomes Four New Accounts to Bank On Movement

MILWAUKEE, WI – Accounts at Equitable Bank, First Federal Bank, PNC Bank, and Summit Credit Union have been officially certified by the national Cities for Financial Empowerment Fund (CFE Fund) as meeting the 2021-2022 Bank On National

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‘Let’s Get Financially Fit’ Virtual Financial Literacy Series

Join Bank On Greater Milwaukee, Northwest Side CDC, and Ephesians Missionary Baptist Church every Monday from 6:30PM-7:30PM on Facebook Live for the “Let’s Get Financially Fit” Virtual Financial Literacy Series.

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Bank On Greater Milwaukee on “That’s So Money”

Hosted by Jeff McCarthy and Becky Miller from Bank Five Nine (First Bank Financial Centre), ‘That’s So Money’ takes an innovative and entertaining approach to financial education, providing listeners with

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Bank On Greater Milwaukee Joins Jill Economo on “Milwaukee’s Philanthropic Community”

Presented by Ellenbecker Investment Group, this unique show highlights non-profit organizations and helps listeners understand how they can have a personal impact in our community. On March 22, 2020 Bank On

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PRESS RELEASE – Bank On certified accounts offer a safe and affordable place for Milwaukee-area residents to deposit stimulus checks, unemployment income, tax refunds.

MILWAUKEE, WI – As the number of people filing for unemployment compensation rises and a federal stimulus package that includes direct payments to taxpayers nears passage, it is important that

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CFE Fund Announces the Bank On National Account Standards for 2019-2020

28 banks and credit unions with over 21,300 branches now offer accounts meeting Bank On National Account Standards

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